Latest Trends in Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are such an opportunity for any bride to show their unique sense of style and to really make a fashion statement. Gone are the days of the plain ‘meringue’ style wedding dresses with a little cute well-placed bow; now we are daring to be different!

In fact, one of the latest trends is to offer wedding dresses that can be used again. Not only is this a great idea from a budget point of view, but it is also reflective of the simple lines that are part of the modern trend in wedding dresses. Arguably, this fashion is due to the ever increasing age of first time brides as well as the large number of second weddings.

Wedding Dresses for the Winter Wedding

Whenever we think about wedding dresses, we automatically think of a warm, summer’s day, with a crisp, wafting white dress to match. However, there is a growing trend towards winter weddings. Winter wedding dresses may not be pure white and are often the preferred choice for second time brides.

Trends in winter wedding dresses include deep red colored dresses or dresses that include a large amount of black. Another great idea is to include a fur collar, or long fake fur coat. If you love a touch of luxury and you want something a little different, then winter wedding dresses may just be the thing for you!

Wedding Dresses for the Summer Wedding

The key to summer wedding dresses, this year, is color. Many wedding dresses are now using substantial amounts of colored fabric to add a classic touch to an otherwise traditional white or cream dress.

Weddings are becoming much more sophisticated; generally, brides will select a theme that they will maintain throughout all aspects of their wedding. Wedding dresses must, of course, fit into this theme and as such colors and accessories are vital. Popular, seasonal colors for wedding dresses include lilac, pink, blue and yellow. Often, brides will choose a half-color theme where the bodice is colored or the skirt is colored, but the other half of the dress is kept in a plain cream or white.

Subtle is the name of the game with modern wedding dresses.

Wedding Dresses – Standing Out From the Crowd

Today, wedding dresses are all different; no-one wants to look the same as the next bride and, naturally, brides go to extreme lengths to make sure that they stand out from the crowd. Of course everyone wants to do so in a classy and not trashy way! It seems that individually designed wedding dresses are the way of the future. By commissioning a made to measure dress you can make sure that it fits perfectly, is exactly what you want and above all, is unique.

10 reasons to hire a wedding planner

Your wedding planner could make or mar your special day. This individual or group of individuals play an essential role, if involved in the planning process. If you can afford the services, you may find the investment to be priceless! Although they’re not all the same, a vast majority are knowledgeable in the art of planning your special day and making your dreams come to fruition. 10 reasons to hire a planner include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Relief: It will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Making things happen on your own could prove to be a huge and daunting task for the feeble of heart. Depending on the agreement you have with your planner, it could include a fool-proof package, or select aspects of your wedding such as budgeting, selection of wedding attires, locating and securing vendors etc.
    2. Efficiencies: Contrary to popular opinion, hiring a planner might keep you within budget. Due to the relationships these vendors have already fostered other wedding vendors, they’re familiar with vendor prices and as such work for you to keep your costs as a minimum, while ensuring the best quality. Securing the services of wedding planner would ensure your hard-earned dollars are spent in the right areas depending on the look and feel of your intended wedding. Your wedding planner might be able to identify and outline a variety of efficiencies uncommon to even the most savvy bride.
    3. Decision-making: Empowering your wedding planner to act in your capacity would certainly go to reduce your stress levels and enhance your wedding day experience. Your wedding planner would facilitate your decision -making in the selection of vendors such as your photographer, videographer, florist, make-up artist etc. Acting as a resource and providing expertise where necessary, your vendor can recommend vendors that would suit your taste and budget. Furthermore, your wedding planner will be able to anticipate potential issues and address them or help you address them before they become a problem.
    4. Itinerary: Not only would your wedding planner coordinate the planning and sequence of events for your wedding, this individual will also map-out all the logistics for the wedding day itself. From limo transportation from one location to the next, and creating a timeline, your event planner’s role would ease the flow of events from beginning to end.
    5. Neutrality: In certain contentious situations, your wedding planner may act as a neutral party between the bride and groom and differing families. This person, would seemingly be an objective voice when input is required before a decision is made, especially when dealing with additional expenses or wants.
    6. Gorgeous wedding: Some of the most amazing wedding were put together by a wedding planner on a budget. You could potentially end-up with a gorgeous wedding and not have to break the bank thanks to expertise and savoir-faire of a wedding planner and this could result in your dream wedding coming true. Your wedding planner would work with you based on the vision you have for your wedding.
    7. Pressure is no longer on you for everything and anything that could potentially go wrong at your wedding (and some things will). You are no longer the go-to person if anything is required on your wedding day. This includes the pressure with the wedding planning process and details, getting your wedding dress, securing the necessary documentation and the list goes on. The pressure of having to deal with vendors and ensuring they do as required, food complaints, and the responsibility of dealing with guests are all transferred to your wedding planner.
    8. Agreements: Your planner will ensure all contractual obligations are met and by ensuring that all vendors do what they’re required to do on your wedding day.
    9. New fashions: working in close communication with other wedding vendors, you wedding plan is up-to-date on the latest styles and trends as far as weddings are concerned. New fashions could include anything from dresses to tuxedos, hair styles and make-up. Having a savvy planner would facilitate your knowledge of such new fashions and styles which you could take advantage of.
    10. Peace of mind: You enjoy your special day knowing that you have someone in place to take care of any eventuality.

In a nutshell, if you can afford to hire a wedding planner, it would be of utmost benefit to you, your spouse and your families. If you cannot afford the added expense, I have compiled a 12-month all-encompassing wedding planning check list which you or someone you know might find might useful.

Is there something else that wedding planners do that I’ve not captured above? Maybe your wedding planner made your wedding what it turned out to be… do share.


Questions for your wedding planner

Your relationship with your wedding planner has to feel right from the word go. You have to trust them to turn your wedding vision into a reality, without leaving you stressed or feeling like you are not in control.

When choosing your planner, there are questions that you must ask to ensure that they are able co-ordinate your wedding with the level of service and decorum you expect.

Below I have set out the following list of questions that are a must in choosing your wedding planner.

How many weddings have they planned and can they provide testimonials and images from these weddings?

A good wedding planner will always have testimonials and images from previous clients at hand so they can prove that they have the skills, professionalism and experience to back up their wedding expertise.

Are they planning any other weddings on the same day or weekend?
Unless your planner is part of a large team or company who are capable of handling two weddings on the same day, they should not be involved in any other weddings that are the same day as yours. You are paying for their undivided attention on your wedding day, and that is what you should get!

Are they familiar with your venue?
An experienced wedding planner will usually have a good knowledge of wedding venues in their area, unless it is extremely unusual. If your planner has worked at the venue before, it can make communication with venue staff a much easier process.

Does they understand your vision?
You will probably have a vision in your head about how your wedding will look, but not always the knowledge on how to create it! Your wedding planning should take the time to learn about you as an individual, and about your vision. A good wedding planner will listen to you and explain how they have interpreted your vision and how they will make it a reality.

Can they organise and co-ordinate other suppliers?
You might want your planner to organise everything from start to finish, or you may have already booked suppliers and simply want her to co-ordinate them in the run up to, and on your wedding day. Either way your planner should be able to take care of this for you. If they have a good knowledge of the industry your planner will be able to source the best suppliers for your style and budget.

How often should I expect communication with my wedding planner?
At the beginning of the planning process you should expect several meeting and communications from your planner as you organise all of the main parts of your day for example venue, catering etc. From then on your planner should be in regular contact with you, keeping you up to date on their progress. In the days leading up to your wedding, your planner should be in constant contact with you, ensuring that you are prepared and that everything is in place to allow the day to run smoothly.

Will they be there on the day?
If you want your wedding planner to be there on the big day then there should be no problem with this. A good planner will be there from first thing in the morning, until the celebrations are in full swing later that night. They should have a discrete presence throughout the day and be close at hand should you need them.

What will happen if for any reason my planner can’t come to the wedding?
From the beginning your planner should make it clear if they cannot attend your wedding. However if unexpected circumstances means that they cannot attend, a contingency plan must be in place. They should have a full brief, detailed running order for the day, and supplier contact details on hand to pass over to a colleague or member of their team in case the unexpected happens.

How much will it cost and when do I pay my wedding planner?
Wedding planners will all offer you their own individual pricing structure, whether is it a flat fee, hourly rate, or a percentage of the total bill. Make sure that you understand exactly what they are charging you for, and if there will be any hidden costs.

Most planners will ask for a deposit up front when you book their services. This is usually about 20% and will be used to secure other suppliers and purchase any bespoke items. If they are charging an hourly rate the balance is likely not to be due until after the wedding. If it is a flat fee or a percentage the balance will usually be due before your wedding so be prepared to pay for this up front.

Decorate your wedding car

Wedding Car Decoration is a fundamental part of preparing for the wedding. All over the world create bridal car decoration in various ways. If you have a black or white car, you should continue reading…

Although many countries around the world still decorate the wedding cars with flowers pasted on the vehicle, there is a new trend of wedding decoration based on polypropylene films using tulle in various colors alone.

Car Decoration is now an integral part of wedding design and receives much attention in the past. Brides and grooms are aware of the importance that a decoration respective vehicle aesthetic design into the canopy, hall, bridal gown etc..

Today the wedding car design statement expressed the photos before the wedding and the bride and groom do in the canopy.
Many weddings produced by professional event producers based on the theme, the color combinations, the fantasy, or even the bride and groom’s clothing.

For example, if the color purple was chosen as a color theme and all the elements event leads are used, it is possible that the car will have a similar color.

Adjust color and composition ornament very important, especially if the car is white or black. In fact, a white car decoration can be made using any color you choose, except white.

Like a painting color on white paper. As a black car will also be able to contain neutral and color combinations than other colored cars.

When customers consult with me about the appropriate color to decorate their wedding vehicle must take into account several parameters:

Type of vehicle (small, family, big, Jeep, limo, luxury vehicles), vehicle size, color and composition.

In the second part of the equation put the personal taste of the bride and groom.

It is not recommend using more than two colors. Ultimately If we try to create a list of decorations colors matching colors recommended by our recommendation following composition:

How to decorate a white car:

• Option A: pink tulle fabric + white and pink pom pon.
• Option B: bright purple tulle fabric + bright white and purple pom pon.
• Option C: cream tulle fabric + gold and cream pom pon (or gold + white pom pon).

You can decorate a white wedding car with white tulle fabric on one condition – if you add a decorative ribbon tied on the tulle fabric.

How to decorate a black car:

• Option A: white tulle fabric + white and cream pom pon.
• Option B: white tulle fabric + bright white and purple pom pon (or white + pink pom pon).
• Option C: cream tulle fabric + cream and white pom pon (or cream and gold pom pon).

In fact, there are a lot of options to decorate white and black wedding cars, and I gave here some examples for understanding the concept.

For more information, you can visit my website. You will see a wide variety of color combinations and you can draw the appropriate ideas for your wedding vehicle.

My name is Yochai Rokach, the creator of “Haponpon – wedding car decorations”. I started my wedding car business 3 years ago, and I’ve become an expert in the wedding car decoration industry.

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to share everything I’ve learned over the time in this business. If you want to learn how to decorate wedding cars, you can purchase my first e-book: “How to decorate wedding car”, which is the only guide in the world. You can also learn from my video tutorials in my website.

I would like to give you 2 FREE bonuses. You will get an access to unique video tutorial which will guide you how to decorate wedding cars, and you can read two chapters from the ebook: “How to decorate wedding car”.


Another tip on wedding cars

Wedding cars are as important as the wedding cake. They leave an everlasting memory for the couple as the car is the final and most essential part of the wedding. The getaway wedding car is special for a couple as they leave the venue of wedding in the same with good wishes for a happy married life from close friends and guests.

Usually, the wedding cars are decorated by the close friends and family of the couple as the bride and groom feel embarrassed to decorate their own wedding car. Close friends and family must take utmost care to decorate the car as beautifully as possible for the newly wed couple. ‘How to decorate wedding cars?’ is a question that often comes up in the minds of friends who take up the fun task to decorate the wedding get-away car.

Some friends are naughty and use the decorations to tease their newly wed friends. They try to make the decoration as hilarious as possible. Some keep it simple and elegant while some want the decoration to be as grand and fabulous as possible. Some prefer to keep the decoration stylish and unusual and a few stick to the wedding theme to make the wedding get-away experience memorable and fun.

Choose the right wedding car

An important thing to keep in mind is to choose the wedding car that would suit the wedding theme or color. A vintage car would go very well with a traditional wedding and a red car would go well if the color theme of the wedding is red. Before you think of decorations it is important to choose the car that would match the wedding theme rather than being the odd-man-out.

How to decorate wedding cars stylishly?

    • Bouquets and flowers are often used to decorate the cars but these can be arranged in a different and stylish way. For example, one can go for silk or craft flowers instead of fresh flowers and decorate the car according to the theme or floral decoration at the venue.
    • Use a simple white marker or a glitter to write romantic and funny messages on the car especially on the rear window of the car, one’s creativity can be pushed to limits to select funny phrases or change the standard messages of ‘Just married’
    • Simply use red color paints or just your shaving cream to write fun messages, songs, or you can just paint cartoons, caricatures etc., to add more to the fun element of the get-away ceremony
    • Decorate the car with soft toys, pom poms and other party accessories to pep up the decoration and give it a cute look
    • Tie flowers with colorful ribbons to the door handles as well to complete the decoration
    • Colorful balloons can be tied on the top or sides of the car to add to the fun element, balloons with funny messages and paintings or cartoons would also make the car interesting
    • You can also tie some old shoes and beer cans to the bumper with a strong string that would be remembered and laughed out about the wedding car
  • Colorful wedding banners and stickers can be bought and personalized with the names of the bride and groom to give a personal touch to the car

I am Lisa Joseph. I am Wedding planner. I am trying to share my ideas and views about wedding planning. My specialty about wedding cars, in this I give an ideas about how to decorate a wedding car.


Online dress shopping

Taking the hassle out of finding your perfect and unique wedding dress.

Getting married is no longer a case having only two options, church or court house, as it used to be. These days it is possible to get married just about anywhere you like, so whether you want a fairytale wedding or something a little more unconventional, you can arrange to have your wedding just about anywhere.

You might want to step out of a horse and carriage and step through the doors of an elaborate church in order to say your vows. You may prefer to hire a room at a posh hotel and enjoy a civil ceremony to declare your love and intentions. You might even want to shout out your vows as you leap 200 feet down from a crane as part of a bungee jump ceremony – the possibilities are endless.

Designers and retailers have realized that weddings are not what they used to be, and people like to use their imagination more and do some pretty wild things as part of the ceremony. And because of this, you can now get some stunning wedding dresses and bridal gowns to suit every occasion and type of wedding.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings have become really popular over recent years, with many couples opting to escape to lush, tropical surroundings for their special days, with a selection of close friends and family members gathered around them on the warm, sandy beach, with the lapping waves of the turquoise sea as their background.

The popularity of beach weddings has sparked a rise in the range of beach wedding dresses available for these occasions. If you are going to get married in the hot midday sun on an exotic beach, it is not always practical – or comfortable – to buy a full-on bridal gown with all the trimmings. Having to lug a heavy gown around in that sort of weather and environment would probably result in you fainting! However, understandably, you don’t want to get married in a pair of shorts and a bikini top either!

This is where the range of elegant and highly suitable beach weddings dresses come in. You will find some incredible beach wedding dress styles, which are both classy and practical. You can enjoy wearing something light and cool for the ceremony, and still have the peace of mind that you look every bit the stunning bride. The simple elegance of some of the beach wedding dresses available today creates the perfect look for a hot, steamy, tropical beach wedding.

If you’re planning to jet off to sunnier climates for a beach wedding, you will find a wide range of beach wedding dresses available online. You can choose from a selection of light, airy, yet stunning fabrics, and there are styles available to suit all shapes and sizes. You can also enjoy some really low prices on beach wedding dresses online, so you can get the perfect look for the perfect setting and at the perfect price!

Traditional Weddings

If you are a dedicated follower of tradition as well as a dedicated follower of fashion, you may have decided to enjoy your special day with a church ceremony followed by a classy reception. However, you may want to set the scene with an absolutely stunning dress for your memorable day.

The great news is that you can now get some spectacular designer wedding dresses and bridal gowns for the occasion, and at really affordable prices. Your wedding day is one that you will hopefully never be repeating, so you want to make it something really special – in terms of where you hold it, your guests, and of course what your wear. With a stunning designer wedding dress, you can look proudly back on your photos for years to come, and you can even pass your wedding dress down to future generations.

Designer wedding dresses are no longer reserved for the rich and famous; these days most people can enjoy the luxury of wearing a unique and gorgeous designer bridal gown for their wedding day. You can get these designer wedding dresses in all style, sizes and colours, so whatever type of theme you want for your wedding – from medieval to fairytale – you can help create the perfect look with a classy, designer bridal gown.

Where to Find Discount Bridal Gowns and Wedding Dresses

Whether you decide to go for a romantic traditional wedding or a sizzling beach wedding, you’ll want to ensure that you get the right dress for the occasion and at the right price. Some people search far and wide in order to try and get the perfect dress, traipsing from one shop to another and still finding a very limited choice coupled with high prices. This type of hassle is the last thing you need when you have so many other preparations to worry about.

The Internet is a different matter altogether. You can browse a wealth of fabulous wedding dresses and bridal gowns from the comfort of your own home, and you will have access to outfits from all over the world, so you can be sure of getting plenty of choice as well as a unique and stunning bridal gown. You won’t even have to leave your home to find the wedding dress of your dreams, and once you have found and ordered the one that really catches your eye, you can enjoy fast and convenient home delivery.

You can find some excellent deals on wedding dresses online, and if you are after fabulous styles at affordable prices you will be delighted with the choice of discount bridal gowns available. Whatever you shape, size, taste or budget, these discount wedding dresses will ensure that you can look really amazing on your special day and without breaking the bank!

There are wedding dresses to suit every theme and setting online, so it doesn’t matter where you plan to hold your ceremony and what your planned theme is. You can find the perfect bridal gown to really fit in and set off the theme for the day, and whether you are getting married on a tropical beach or in the local church, you can still look and feel like a million dollars.

Advantages of platinium wedding rings

As per custom, most people still go in for gold wedding rings. Nevertheless, platinum as a jewelry metal is catching the fancy of many. A platinum wedding ring’s rising popularity is on account of the metal having several advantages over gold and other metals.

Why Is A Platinum Wedding Ring Just So Great?

Here are some of these advantages that will help you decide whether you should go for a gold wedding ring or a stylish platinum wedding ring.

  • Unlike gold wedding rings, you can achieve much more elegance and modernity with a platinum wedding ring. Earlier, you used to get platinum always mixed with gold; however, today you have a vast choice of pure platinum rings.
  • A platinum ring, like a titanium wedding ring or a gold ring, shines! It has the sparkling luster of a diamond wedding ring besides being durable and strong. This means that a platinum ring does not wear and tear with your daily routine. It looks much the same, 30 years down the road of marital bliss.
  • Moreover, platinum is a neutral metal. So, it is ideal if you have sensitive skin that is prone to allergies.

Different Styles of Platinum Rings For A Wedding

You also have a big choice of different styles for your platinum wedding ring. However, whatsoever, be the style that you select, make sure that your platinum ring is comfortable and easy to wear. To check this, see that your ring is slightly curved on the inside.

For example, you can go for a simple wedding band or get elaborate platinum rings, set with stones. There are styles like milgrain platinum bands, Celtic style rings, channel diamonds bands or domed bands that you can choose from.

Platinum also goes well with gem stones and if you can afford it, nothing would be better than a platinum ring set with sparkling diamonds.

You can choose a ring with a single solitaire or a band with channel set diamonds. Here, remember to check your budget as both platinum and diamonds can weigh heavily on your pocket.

Platinum wedding rings are both stylish and practical. But as they can cost the earth and so it is advisable to check the different jewelry stores for discounts and sales. You could take a look at Florentine, hammered, satin, sandstone or shiny finished rings when you make the final choice.

A platinum wedding ring will make you stand apart. Other brides and grooms would admire your choice because platinum is a low maintenance metal that is durable and resistance to corrosion and cracking. So make a special choice for your wedding. Choose a ring that tells the world that your marriage is lustrous and durable in the toughest of times, just like your platinum wedding ring.

Titanium Wedding Ring

1. Why should you buy a titanium wedding ring?

Titanium wedding rings combine beauty and strength, but are light weight. If you want your wedding ring to last a lifetime, then you will definitely need a ring that is strong. The strength and hardness helps to prevent scratches and dings. But if you are like most people, you probably want it light enough that you do not mind wearing it all the time. Despite its hardness, titanium wedding rings are surprisingly light weight. Lastly, you will be amazed at the comments you will receive about your titanium wedding ring’s simplicity and beauty.

2. What is the best way to buy titanium wedding rings?

When selecting a titanium wedding ring, be sure to take into account the finger size and shape of your fiancée’s ring finger. Whether you plan on buying a ring at a brick and mortar store or at an online retailer, you should at least visit a brick and mortar store to have your ring finger sized properly.

If you and your fiancée plan on getting matching titanium wedding rings, make sure that the design fits the shape of both of your ring fingers and that you both agree on the design.

Most importantly, you will want to deal with a reputable jeweler that will be there for you over the years to resize and polish the ring. You do not want to deal with a fly by night jeweler who will not be around in a year. You can search for reviews online or ask for recommendations from your friends and family that live in the same area as you.

3. Can you get titanium wedding rings in different colors?

Yes, you get titanium wedding rings in different colors. Titanium wedding rings are considered a white metal, similar to platinum, with a grayish undertone. In order to add color, the ring must be anodized with a color treatment. However, it is important to not that the color treatment is not permanent and can make the titanium wedding ring appear scratched and discolored over time.

4. Can you get wedding rings with titanium that also have other precious metals in them?

Absolutely! If you like a little more variety in the titanium wedding ring you will be wearing every day, you can request the ring be combined with yellow, rose or white gold. Some people even choose to have titanium and platinum wedding rings created. Just depends on your preference.

5. How can you determine the quality of your titanium wedding ring?

As with any precious metal, you can either choose to have a pure titanium wedding ring made or go for an alloyed titanium wedding ring that contains a mixture of metals. Most reputable jewelers will let you know what the commercially pure (CP) grade of their titanium rings are. If they do not, you should definitely ask! CP grades range from 1 which is the softest to 4 which is the hardest. The most common CP grade for titanium rings is CP2 because it balances the ability to have a harder titanium wedding ring but is still soft enough to be etched and engraved.